Participate in the dam removal survey

Free Flow Survey : Dam removal as river restoration measure in Rhine, Scheldt, Ems and Meuse river basins

The project aims to evaluate the utilization of dam removal as a river restoration tool relative to the new European biodiversity target to restore the free-flowing condition of 25.000 km of rivers. survey link

Target group are professionals working in this river basins in the Netherlands and neighboring countries sharing the river basin. Rhine, Scheldt, Ems and Meuse river basins will serve as the case study of the project with the objective to mainstream and scale up the dam removal movement by stimulating knowledge exchange, connecting practitioners, celebrating success stories and opening up discussions within the network of these river basins. Publication of a Dam Removal Guide and organizing of the International Conference Free Flow are included in the project’s goals and are both scheduled for September 2023.

This survey aims to give an overview of current status of dam removal as restoration tool and identify the free-flowing hotspots. The results of the survey will be published at the end of October and will serve as ground knowledge for two webinars. Stay tuned as first Free Flow webinar will take place on November 28th as part of International River Symposium and second webinar is planned for spring of 2023.

The Free Flow project was initiated by the World Fish Migration Foundation as one of the Dam Removal Europe activities.