Mister Macron, elected President of France : Salmon are very capable swimmers

Mister Macron, elected President of France : Salmon are very capable swimmers

As part of their involvement with the ICPR*, EDF and France have committed to support salmon migration up to Basel in Switzerland by 2020. Instead of quickly equipping the three remaining Rhine hydro power stations with fish ladders, it looks like their (EDF and the actual Ministery of environnement) preferred option is a mobile fish pass. Salmon should be transported every few days in a type of fish prison ship through the lock system to the Upper Rhine. In comparison to the integrated, down-flow solutions, fixed fish ladder solutions for the power stations involved are said to be too expensive.

The international NGO coalition Salmon Comeback does not accept this argument. It demands the construction of fish ladders or diversion routes by the agreed deadline allowing salmon to migrate as and when they wish.

Mr. Macron, we  hope that your new government will respect the international commitments.

* International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine

PS : The newsflash published on the ERN and Salmon Comeback websites dated the 1st of April 2017, whereby EDF wants to demolish the “Vogelgrün” barrage, has thus been revealed as a joke – what a shame!