Basel – Rotterdam in 50 days!

In 50 days from Basel to Rotterdam – that’s what Jeanine and Marvin want.
Jeanine is a young life science student from Basel which wants to walk from Basel to Rotterdam this summer. Together with Marvin.
And who’s Marvin? Well, that’s a young salmon she wants to accompany. Marvin wants to swim to the sea. Together they will for sure face some serious problems and challenges.. and because Marvin can’t talk, Jeanine will speak for him. In a daily blog she will talk about the adventures and the problems of Marvin, from Basel to Rotterdam, along the Rhine.

But let’s hear Jeanine talking about this project by herself:

We support this exciting journey of Jeanine and Marvin and are very curious what they are going to experience.
Please support them as well – follow this link to their crowdfunding: