Living Planet Report 2016: -41% migratory fish

Yesterday, WWF published the newest „Living Planet Report“ 2016, with some disturbing figures:

Global diversity is declining at an alarming rate, invertebrate diversity declined by 58% from 1970 until 2012! If it goes on like this, we will lose 2/3 of the global invertebrate diversity by 2020..


Concerning fish and especially migratory fish, like the salmon, the overall abundance declined by 41 %. Reasons for this decline are most probably the enormous habitat loss and fragmentation of aquatic systems and regarding migratory fish especially the construction of all the dams. And there could come even more.. at the moment, there are at least 3700 major dams either planned or under construction worldwide – if all those dams will be built, natural hydrologic flows would be lost for 93 % of all the rivers. And migratory fish, like the salmon, will suffer even more..


Fortunately in the graph above there is also a slight increase in population abundance of migratory fish since 2006. This could indicate the benefits due to improvements in water quality and the introduction of fish passes.

Let’s hope that this trend continues!


>> Read the full „Living Planet Report 2016“: klick