A Rhine delegation to the international Symposium “Salmon an Man” in France

From October 10 to 12 held in France on the Upper Allier basin (tributary of the Loire), in Brioude an international symposium for sustainable and durable return of wild salmon.

Wild salmon is still present in the basin of the Loire. It is highly threatened even if they return an increasing number since 20 years (841 in 2013 against some individuals in 1993). Fry and eggs that have restocking the Rhine are from the Loire basin.

At the invitation of the organizers European Rivers Network / SOS Loire vivante were present a Rhine delegation with representatives of Alsace, Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland. The President of the ICRP has sent a welcome message.

Problematic of the Rhine and the Rhine Salmoncomeback campaign were heavily mentioned and explained. On the occasion of the gala diner in honor of the collaboration between the Rhine and the Loire, direct and informal talks with EDF (Electricite de France) were committed.

More information and the conference program in French at: www.sosloirevivante.org  (heading Salmon Symposium).